brow tips
Brow Tips

Tips for Growing Out Your Brows

Powerful, natural eyebrows stay here, which is why fomo is real if your bow is sparsely varied. Although you may have heard that if you pull your eyebrows too long, they will not come back, in many cases, it is not true at all, we can assure you from experience.

But it’s not as easy as not touching your eyebrows for months. Don’t mention the formula and other factors you eat from your skin care professional.

Follow these three basic rules to help your arch reach its full potential.

It takes months to see big growth without touching your eyebrows. In fact, according to our experience, we tend to see the biggest growth after a year. Don’t lose heart, because it’s worth waiting. At the same time, use your existing cosmetics to shape and decorate yourself.

1.Fuel growth from the inside out

Yes, hair growth supplements like biotin and B vitamins can definitely help your eyebrows, except for your mane. Also make sure that the food you eat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, walnuts and peanut butter.

Hair loss anywhere is a sign that something in your body is out of balance. Stress, hormonal imbalance, and lack of protein all contribute to this.

If your eyebrows and hair are growing slowly or thinning, and you don’t think anxiety is the culprit, consider seeing a doctor to check your nutritional level. (just do a simple blood test to see if this is the case).

2.reserve growth serum

Now, plump eyebrows are more popular than ever before, so the market for formula milk powder is booming, which can regulate and accelerate growth at the same time. What we like most is this pure natural selection from provincial pharmacists. It contains a mixture of essential oils, plant extracts and coffee, which can nourish the skin and stimulate the fast-growing arch of the foot.

Keep your skin care formulas, serum, and even the base away from your eyebrows as they inhibit growth and cause hair loss. Be sure to work around your arch in the stacking formula.

One beauty editor (ahem, ahem) once lost half her eyebrows and realized that she was just pressing too hard with her eyebrow pencil. Gently comb and fill your arch with a pencil and a small pen. If you find that you lose some hair when using a product, maybe it’s time to consider changing it.

3.Trim instead of plucking, waxing or threading

Trim once in a while to prevent any unruly. Just make sure you’re doing the right thing: comb your hair up at an angle with a spool brush and trim any excess hair. Watch it! Cutting your hair too short can make you look dazzling.

You won’t know the full potential of your arch unless you really let your eyebrows grow for a while – a hair that now looks between your eyebrows could become part of your new, thicker shape in a few months. That is to say, it’s OK to remove the errors between the eyebrows (or much lower or higher than the eyebrows), but never use wax or thread when you try to make them grow.